Thank you, “The Now Newspaper (South Surrey-White Rock Source)”, For Helping To Increase Awareness About Gluten Intolerance

January 12, 2011 · Filed Under Increasing Awareness 

Yesterday, I was able to increase awareness about gluten intolerance with an article that was published in our local newspaper, “The South Surrey-White Rock Source”. The title, “Nurse Turns Own Battle With Celiac Disease Into Education And Book To Help Others” sums up my experience and mission well. The article describes my undiagnosed story, my mission to increase awareness, and my new book, “Gluten Toxicity”. I would like to thank “The Now Newspaper” for publishing this lovely article and helping to increase awareness about this public health problem. The reporter, Kelley Scarsbrook, did a wonderful job of highlighting the issues around gluten intolerance.

Unfortunately, gluten intolerance, including celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, and non-celiac gluten intolerance is very under-recognized and under-diagnosed. Often, physicians and nurses are not aware of the many elusive symptoms associated with a gluten intolerance so it is not on their radar when they are assessing patients. As a result, many (over 90%) remain undiagnosed and are still suffering.

To help address this public health issue, I am increasing awareness about gluten intolerance on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, my blog, and with my new book, “Gluten Toxicity”. “Gluten Toxicity” provides a comprehensive checklist of symptoms, in depth analysis of the diagnostic tests, an outline of the gluten-free diet, tips to help with a new lifestyle adjustment, and recommendations to consider when complications arise. Helpful checklists will assist the reader to keep track of blood test results, and tasks to help with healing. This book empowers patients with the information they need to co-actively create a plan for diagnosis and a treatment plan with their physician.

Currently, my book is available as an e-book from my blog. This is an environmentally friendly option and the e-book has been a great vehicle to help promote gluten intolerance awareness globally since it is easily accessible to everyone worldwide. So far, people from Canada, the United states, Europe and South America have been downloading it with no problems. A paperback version will be available soon at Amazon (an online book store) and at two local health food stores, Country Sun Foods (152nd St., White Rock) and Lifetime Organics (102-2099 152nd St., South Surrey. Phone: 604-541-0933). I am currently conversing with other book stores as well and will keep everyone updated by posting updates on this blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog here at “Celiac Nurse”. I look forward to discussing gluten intolerance with you on this interactive blog and hope that the information provided helps to increase awareness. I suffered unnecessarily for years. With the information on my blog and in my book, I am hoping that others will not have to suffer with an undiagnosed gluten intolerance. For those affected, the gluten-free diet can offer a great solution and increase an individual’s quality of life.

My blog has other posts that offer more information about my book, my story, my thoughts about gluten intolerance, and there is an excerpt with the introduction from my book as well.

Best Regards,
Shelly Stuart, R.N., B.Sc.N.
Celiac Nurse And Gluten Intolerance Consultant
Stuart Healthcare Solutions
South Surrey, BC, Canada
Facebook: "Celiac Nurse" and author page, "Gluten Toxicity"
Twitter: "CeliacNurse1", "PaleolithicRN", "GlutenToxicity"
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