Gluten Toxicity eBook (PDF)

Gluten Toxicity eBook (PDF)

Are you suffering from fatigue, anemia, indigestion, bowel symptoms, skin rashes, joint pain, infertility, poor bone density, headaches or other neurological issues?

These symptoms, along with many others, can be triggered by immune reactions to gluten. Unfortunately for those who are suffering, gluten intolerance is very under-recognized and under-diagnosed by doctors. Sadly, patients often suffer for decades with incomplete diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

"Gluten Toxicity" provides a comprehensive checklist of symptoms, in depth analysis of the diagnostic tests, an outline of the gluten-free diet, tips to help with a new lifestyle adjustment, and recommendations to consider when complications arise. Helpful checklists will assist the reader to keep track of blood test results, and tasks to help with healing. If you are looking for a definitive guide that provides comprehensive information about gluten intolerance, then this book is for you.

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