New Book: “Gluten-Free Baking For Dummies”

December 10, 2012 · Filed Under Uncategorized 

Recently, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Dr. Jean Layton in Bellingham, Washington. Jean is a naturopathic doctor who has a special interest in gluten intolerance and in gluten-free culinary arts. We had a wonderful time discussing our practice, some of the challenges with raising awareness, and how elusive gluten intolerance can be.

We also discussed the transition to a gluten-free lifestyle and how Jean co-authored a book, “Gluten-Free Baking For Dummies” to help people with this adjustment in diet. It is a lovely book and it has some particularly helpful topics to help succeed with baking such as “Understanding The Rules of Baking”, “Unique Issues of Gluten-Free Baking”, “Building Structure and Flavor Without Wheat” and “Understanding Dough”. Also, there is a chapter that discusses “Converting Favorite Recipes To Gluten-Free”.

Once you have learned the basics of Gluten-Free Baking, Jean (and her co-author Linda Larsen) share many recipes (entrees, desserts, breads, biscuits, pizza, gluten-free baking mixes, etc) to help their readers make an easy adjustment to a gluten-free lifestyle. Overall, the layout is simple to read, the ingredients all appear to be easily accessible and the instructions are laid out in an easy step by step approach. I can see this book being a valuable addition for anyone who is making this lifestyle adjustment.

It was a pleasure to meet Jean. I would like to extend a thank you to her for co-authoring this book and making a wonderful contribution to the gluten-free community. I appreciate her genuine personality and sincere compassionate approach to helping others navigate the gluten intolerance maze.


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