My Book, “Gluten Toxicity”, Translated Into Dutch As “Gevaarlijke Gluten”

October 4, 2012 · Filed Under Book: Gluten Toxicity 

My paperback book, “Gluten Toxicity“, has been translated into Dutch as “Gevaarlijke Gluten” by a Belgian Publisher. It was recently released for distribution in the Netherlands and Flanders.

An Endocrinologist and Gastroenterolgist from the Netherlands wrote a lovely and very informative foreword at the beginning of my book. He understands how gluten intolerance can be the underlying cause of illness and recommends the diet to some of his patients along with other interventions as needed.

I am so inspired to use my book as a resource to help increase awareness about gluten intolerance globally. So many are still suffering unaware that their symptoms are caused by immune reactions to gluten. Hopefully, my book will help to increase awareness and help to decrease the suffering.

Gevaarlijke Gluten:


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