Lack Of Healthcare Coverage For Celiac Blood Tests In Ontario Could Potentially Lead To Complications For Undiagnosed Celiacs

September 28, 2011 · Filed Under Uncategorized 

The Canadian Celiac Association has started a blog. The latest post, "Ontario Blood Testing and the Election". This blog post discusses issues around the lack of healthcare coverage for celiac blood tests in Ontario, Canada. It further discusses how an upcoming election may lead to change and increased diagnosis.

I live in B.C., but most of my relatives live in Ontario. It certainly was a challenge getting my relatives tested, due to this lack of coverage. This roadblock could easily lead to delayed diagnosis for many people who live there. As we know, delayed diagnosis can lead to many complications. As a preventative measure, hopefully, the government of Ontario will follow the other provinces and provide coverage for celiac testing.

I would like to see it taken a step further with coverage for all the tests used to diagnose the various types of gluten intolerance:)


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