Gluten-Free, Corn-Free Bread Recipe

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Once diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I began looking for gluten-free bread recipes. Slowly, my first attempts, loaves of bricks, became edible, light, loaves that I was proud to serve guests, even those not eating gluten-free. It only stays fresh for a day or two due to the lack of preservatives. After 2 days, the slices of bread can be made into French toast for breakfast, grill cheese for lunch, or broken up into bread crumbs for other recipes. I add flax seed for extra fiber and dulse seaweed flakes (optional) for extra nutrients. This recipe requires a 2 lb bread maker, I use the “Breadman Ultimate”. This recipe is for 1 loaf. I make two at a time since I am cooking gluten-free for my entire family. To begin, take 3 bowls (large, medium, and small)
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Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Pumpkin Crisp Recipe

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Pumpkin Crisp
Every fall, the kids and I pick out small baking pumpkins from the market. Once home, I cut the pumpkins in half and my children happily scoop out the stringy pulp and seeds knowing that one of their favorite desserts is in progress. They use the seeds for various Halloween crafts at home and school. Sometimes we dye the seeds different colors with food dye to add interest to their crafts. Once all the pulp and seeds are removed, we put about 6 halves on each cookie sheet and roast them (cut side up) for 1 hour at 350 Fahrenheit. I love the smell of pumpkin that fills the house as we putter around doing other activities. Once baked, I sit the halves on the stove top to cool, then I scoop out the pumpkin pulp (minus the skin) and put it in in a food processor. The pumpkin is blended until smooth.  Once the pumpkin is completely processed, I proceed with the recipe. I usually cook 3 pies at a time since we are huge pumpkin pie fans.
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