Gluten-Free Organic Garden Update

June 28, 2010 · Filed Under Organic Gluten-Free Gardening · 2 Comments 

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Our garden is off to a great start. All of the seeds germinated well, the seedlings are growing, and we have even been harvesting the quick growing salad greens for fresh organic salads. The greens taste so crisp and flavorful when they are freshly picked and consumed with a few vegetables topped with a healthy dressing.

Many of the herbs have been used for cooking and some of the transplanted strawberry plants have produced berries. The berries are so juicy, no sugar is required. As well, medium sized blueberry bushes that we purchased from a heritage sale have lots of green berries that will eventually turn blue. My children seem to be enjoying the process of watching everything come to life in the garden and are asking many questions about the plants and how long we will have to wait to eat everything, especially the berries.

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Our Backyard Creation: A Gluten-Free Organic Garden

April 7, 2010 · Filed Under Organic Gluten-Free Gardening · 2 Comments 

Lucas & Blossom 004On the Easter weekend, we started to build an organic garden in our backyard. With this new garden, we are hoping to grow high yield gluten-free crops to support our goal  of eating fresh, local, organic produce. My husband, a mechanical engineer, is quite talented with our home based projects and he is doing a lovely job with this garden. We now have water barrels to collect rain water, a composting system, a new gardening preparation area, and a garden that is ten times larger than the small children’s size garden that we previously had. We are hoping to grow, tomatoes, broad beans, peas, potatoes, carrots, beets, leeks, onions, parsnips, asparagus, berries, grapes, various types of lettuce, and many different herbs in our new garden. We are currently researching types of plants, planning the layout for planting, and reviewing various sites to buy seeds for new types of plants.
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