Can People With Undiagnosed Celiac Disease Be Overweight Or Obese?

October 9, 2012 · Filed Under Obesity and Celiac Disease · 1 Comment 

People with undiagnosed celiac disease can be overweight or obese. Unfortunately, many doctors are not aware of this fact and may discourage their patients from getting the celiac tests if they are overweight. These doctors believe that people must be thin or emaciated to have this autoimmune disease. This lack of awareness can delay diagnosis and increases the risk of complications.

In an article written by Sonia Kupfer (MD), “Overweight? Obese? Perhaps It’s Celiac Disease” she highlights how people with celiac disease are not always thin. As well, Sonia mentions a study, “High Prevalence of Overweight and Obese Adult Celiac Patients in the Midwestern United States” that gives evidence that people don’t have to be slim or emaciated to have celiac disease.

I’m not surprised. In my practice, I have met so many people who were overweight prior to their diagnosis with celiac disease. Due to the lack of awareness about this, if you are overweight and think you may have celiac disease, you may want to print out this article from the “University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center” and take this evidence to your doctor’s appointment with you.

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