5 Part Gluten-Free Christmas Dinner Series

December 14, 2009 · Filed Under 5 Part Christmas Dinner Series, Recipes 

Xmas 008With Christmas just around the corner, many who are G-free may be wondering how to create a full-bodied Christmas meal, that will leave everyone’s taste buds jumping with joy. The transition to a G-free Christmas can be tricky since wheat flour is traditionally used to thicken sauces and bread based stuffing has been used for turkeys. My favourite recipes have been compiled into this 5 part series to help ease this transition and to demonstrate that a G-free Christmas meal can be just as delicious as the ones you enjoyed prior to diagnosis. Everything in the 5 part series is made from scratch, just like at Gramma’s house, minus the gluten.


Part 1 Of 5 Part Series: Hazelnut, Mandarin Stuffing for Your Turkey

Part 2 Of 5 Part Series: Full Bodied Gravy

Part 3 Of 5 Part Series: Cranberry Sauce

Part 4 of 5 Part Series: Roasted Vegetables With Herbs

Part 5 of 5 Part Series: Lemon Meringue Pie

If this sounds good to you, put on your Santa hat, turn up the Christmas tunes, adorn your apron, and cook your way into a G-free culinary Christmas paradise set to delight your taste buds with natural foods that are nutritious and delicious. Merry G-Free Christmas Everyone!


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